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A good sample of a thesis paper is one way to learn more about how to write your own. An example of a dissertation in the same field as your topic will provide information on the writing style to use and how to present your paper. Our company offers dissertation services that include providing thesis paper samples. Other services we offer include dissertation advice and writing guidance, thesis paper research assistance and proofreading and editing.

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Sample Dissertation Outline

Regardless of the field you are in most dissertations are presented in a similar manner. There may be some variation in different fields and institutions but the basic outline will be the same. A dissertation paper sample outline is shown here:

  • Title page: The title should tell the reader what your research paper is about and include key words related to your project.
  • Abstract: The abstract is a brief summary of the research conducted and the paper you wrote about it. It must be able to stand alone and anybody reading the abstract should be able to tell why you conducted the research, the approach you used, what the results were and what the implications are. Abstracts are generally no longer than a page in length
  • Introduction: This section introduces the topic and briefly discusses background so that the reader knows what context to view the topic in. It introduces the question/problem that your research is intended to solve and explains why it is important the issue be addressed.
  • Literature review: This shows that you are familiar with relevant literature in the field and that you are aware of where your research fits and how it relates to other work in your field. The literature review describes the state of research in your area and helps identify the knowledge gap that requires further research. It is often the longest part of the dissertation.
  • Methods: The methods section provides a detailed description of your research design and process. You should explain how you collected your data and provide clear reasons as to why you chose the method you did. Include details regarding equipment, processes and materials used. Also provide information on you data analysis and how it is organized
  • Results: In this section the results of your research are reported with no discussion. The information included here will be what actually occurred while conducting your research
  • Discussion: Discuss your results and what they mean. Include limitations of your research and the implications of your findings in relation to existing work in the field.
  • Conclusions: This section offers conclusions based on the main points that have resulted from your research and what they mean to the field.
  • Bibliography/references: This section will include all sources you used in your dissertation in the required reference citation style.

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